Warning Signs That Indicate A Stroke – Never Ignore Them

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Stroke is a life-threatening condition caused by improper blood flow in the brain. It’s also one of the five leading causes of death in the US. Even when a person survives a stroke, permanent brain damage is the most likely outcome.

Aside from a hemorrhagic stroke, one that happens when a weakened blood vessel ruptures, there’s also an ischemic stroke, which occurs as a result of an obstruction within a blood vessel carrying blood to the brain. The hemorrhagic stroke, caused by aneurysms, is rarer.

Luckily, the side effects of a stroke can be significantly lessened if you act promptly. Read on and find out what you should do in case you or someone close to you suffers from a stroke.

Although stroke signs vary from person to person, all strokes have a common denominator – they occur unexpectedly.

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Learn the full post on next page

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