Try This Miraculous Cucumber Juice To Remove Stones In The Kidneys!

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Kidney stones, popularly known as kidney stones can be formed by poor diet. Cucumber juice is an excellent remedy for those suffering from kidney stones, also known as a kidney stone.

The effectiveness of this juice owes its diuretic properties which help to remove stones and improves kidney function.

Stones in the kidneys can be of various sizes, can go away alone (with little or much pain) or in some cases surgery is necessary.

Kidney stones are something tremendously annoying, painful and complicating the life of anyone who has them. But, fortunately, you can use natural remedies to reduce them and also to lessen the pain they cause.

Cucumber Juice Ingredients for Kidney Stones:

– 1 medium cucumber, in shell

–also 1 liter of water

– Some mint leaves

– 2 tablespoons honey

How to prepare:

Cut the cucumber into slices and add it to the blender along with the other ingredients and beat well. The individual with kidney stones should drink the juice several times throughout the day.

In the case of renal crisis, follow all instructions of the doctor and preferably increase the intake of a liquid feed to increase the amount of urine and thus remove stones from the kidneys.


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