Spreading Salt Around The House. Here’s Why It’s So Incredible

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For centuries salt has been used as a cleaning agent in most homes. Unlike your conventional cleaning agents which are made from highly toxic chemicals with adverse side effects; salt is non-toxic, it will thoroughly clean and disinfect your home and it is also readily affordable.

By sprinkling salt around your home you will be able to achieve the following benefits;

1. Ward Off Ants

To get rid of ants in your home, just sprinkle some salt in areas where ants tend to be found, such as your window sill and cabinets. Salt will also help to bring down your hones humidity when you sprinkle it this way.

2. Salt Is An Excellent Polish

Get your brass, copper and silver ornaments polished to a nice shine with salt. Salt is a cheap and non-corrosive alternative to your commercial brass, copper and silver cleaning agents.
You can prepare a paste using a mixture of salt and vinegar, then apply this mixture to your ornaments with a soft cloth to get rid of dirt and stains.

3. Get Your Home And Car Windows Cleaned

-To get rid of stubborn stains and finger prints on your home and car windows try this at home today.
-Get a gallon of warm water and some tablespoons of salt.
-Dissolve the salt in the warm water.
-You can then use a soft cloth with the mixture to clean off stains from your windows.

4. Flush Sink Drains With Salt

To unclog your sink drains, mix some salt with hot water and just pour this mixture down the drain.

The accumulation of grease in your drain will be unlogged by the salt and it will be thoroughly deodorized.

Learn the full post on next page.

Learn the full post on next page

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