The Secret to Weight Loss Is In This Easy Healthy Shakes Hack

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You need not be a fitness fanatic to understand that blending together some vegetables and fruits is an easy and effective way of getting a nutritious, filling meal. But what if your healthy shakes could make that feeling of fullness last even longer?


In a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers in the Netherlands gave a small group of men dairy-based healthy shakes that varied in two ways: viscosity (as in how thick) and energy density (as in how many calories).

Through MRI, the researchers studied the contents of the men’s stomachs as they were digested, and they asked the men directly about their current appetites and fullness at regular intervals.

The researchers concluded that the thicker smoothies made the participants feel fuller for a longer amount of time, regardless of whether they contained 100 to 500 calories. The term is “phantom fullness,” and the Dutch scientists suggested that working with this phenomenon could be “effective in lowering caloric intake.”

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