A Real Miracle! This Natural Varicose Veins Treatment Will Help You Get Rid Of Them

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Augmented, twisted and painful superficial veins are a consequence of weakened and non-functional venous flaps. By rule, it is veined on the legs, but it can also occur elsewhere in the body. This condition occurs in 25% of the female and 10% of the male population and it is a problem not only for the sick individual but also a serious health and social problem in view of the consequences that it can lead.

How do the varicose veins occur?

The heart is a pump that pushes blood through the arteries to all the tissues in the body, and the blood transmits oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The aorta as the largest artery separates into smaller and smaller blood vessels and eventually, the network of blood vessels in the body ends with arterioles and capillaries. When the blood returns, it passes through the veins, from the smallest – to the venues, to the largest (upper and lower hollow veins) to inflow into the heart.

Varicose veins treatment

1) On the sick places put circles of lemon on top and cover them with paper and tighten them with a bandage. In severe diseases, these coatings should be placed several times a day.

2) A leaf of cabbage soaked in olive oil for an hour, a little covered with baking soda and overflowing with lemon juice, also greatly helps. Place plaques on painful veins.

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