This Honey Recipe Treats Dry Cough At Night. You Will Sleep Better

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Today, the healing properties of honey are recognized not only by medicine but by modern pharmacology.

As a tool against a dry cough at night, folk medicine recommends the following recipes:

1. Take one lemon on low heat for 10 minutes to soften. So you will squeeze more juice. Clean the juice and add two tablespoons glycerin. Stir well glycerol and lemon juice and fill with honey to the top cup. Instead of lemon, you can also use it apples vinegar.

The dose of cough syrup is regulated according to needs. If the porridge is rare, you need to take one spoon a day. Previous use the mixture if you have a dry cough at night, take one teaspoon at bedtime and another one during the night. Like a cough calm down, you will take less from the mixture. This treatment doesn’t cause gastrointestinal
problems that are characteristic of many agents used against a cough;

This remedy is recommended for both adults and children.

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