This Common Allergy Medication Is Linked To Dementia

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Ff you suffer from allergies or you have a child who suffers from allergies, chances are you probably, have some Benadryl near by. The popular antihistamine is commonly used by adults and children alike to treat allergy symptoms. All medications come with their fair share of possible side effects. But it turns out that Benadryl has one you don’t want to ignore.

Benadryl And Memory Loss

According to a report published in JAMA International Medicine, researchers found evidence of a link between long-term use of anticholinergic drugs like Benadryl and dementia. The study involved nearly 3,500 men and women ages 65 and older. The health of the participants was tracked for an average of seven years. During this time, 800 of the participants in the study developed dementia.

Researchers found that participants who used anticholinergic drugs were more likely to have developed dementia when compared to participants who didn’t use the drugs. Dementia risk also increased along with the cumulative dose. Taking an anticholinergic for the equivalent of three years or more was associated with a 54% higher risk of dementia than taking the same dose for three months or less.

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