This Ancient Recipe Will Unclog Arteries and Decrease The Cholesterol

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Cardiovascular diseases today are the most troubling to humanity. Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organization data, they are the cause of the highest mortality. We need to keep the heart healthy! Therefore unclog arteries and decrease the cholesterol. Garlic dilutes the blood, prevents the formation of clots, thrombi. It is about our heart, blood vessels and how to deal with thrombophlebitis and diseased veins.

We all know that we should eat foods that contain a minimum of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the biggest enemy of our organism. Because of this, there is a disturbance of the metabolism, the formation of tiles in the blood vessels, the heart starts to work poorly, it comes to obesity. With this enemy, we have to fight with folk remedies – teas, vegetable crops and diets. We need to eat as much vegetable and vegetable soups.

Not only the healers of the people but also scientists have long been interested in garlic. A number of experiments have been conducted to investigate the effect of garlic on cholesterol in the blood. Finnish researchers have come to the conclusion that the most effective means is the mixture of garlic and wooden resin. In this case, blood cholesterol decreases by 12-20 percent.

Unclog arteries with garlic

Make a single bowl of garlic and a lemon with the peel. Then mix the garlic with the lemon and pour it over with 0.5 liters of cold boiled water. Let it stand for four days, so strain it. Drink 2 tablespoons at once, in the morning.

So, we should cleanse the body from lumps and cholesterol deposits.

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