Amazing 10 Week Workout Plan That Provides Incredible Results (No-Gym Workout)

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This article is going to show you a home workout that doesn’t require going to the gym. This workout is meant for people who want to get fit, gain muscle weight and lose excess fat. The exercises don’t require going to the gym or equipment.

Down below are the instructions and workout plan for the 10-week challenges that will give you the perfect body you’ve always wanted.

You need to follow these simple steps while working out:

Drink lots of water
Choose which part of the day you’re going to work out
Choose a specific starting date
Never skip a workout
Take a look at the plan:


5 push-ups
15 lunges
10 butt kicks
15 second plank
20 squats
25 second wall sitting
25 crunches
35 jumping jacks


10 push-ups
10x jumping jacks
10 squats
20 butt kick
25 crunches
25 lunges
30 seconds plank
35 sit-ups
45 seconds wall sit

Learn the full post on next page.

Learn the full post on next page

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