15 Common Cancer Symptoms Most Women Often Ignore

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Detecting cancer early is very important if you want to treat it successfully.

To this end, it is vital that every woman is aware of those tell-tale signs and symptoms that they may have cancer.

Cancer Symptoms

Here are 15 cancer symptoms  that you should never ignore

Breasts That Are Red, Sore And Swollen

If you notice any unusual change in your breasts like a swelling or lump, you need to consult your doctor immediately as it could be a sign of breast cancer.

2.Rectal Bleeding, Pain In Your Pelvic And Abdominal Region

If you notice and bleeding during defecation it could be a sign of colorectal cancer. Where you have severe pain in your abdomen and pelvis it is possible that the main cause of this pain is ovarian cancer. Pain in your abdomen could also be caused by leukemia.

Swelling Or Lumps On Your Groin, Neck And Underarm Area

If you notice and swelling or lumps in these regions it is best you consult your doctor as any change in your lymphatic system could be an indication of cancer.

Persistent Cough, Shortness Of Breath And Chest Pain

Persistent coughs, chest pains and also shortness of breath could be a sign of leukemia and lung cancer. If you have taken mediation for your persistent cough and still it persists, it is advisable you undergo cancer screening.

A Change In Your Skin

Where you have a mole and it starts to change in its appearance, for example in its size, it’s shape or even it’s colour, then it could be a symptom of cancer and it is advisable that you visit your doctors office for consultation.

Having Severe Heartburn

Having heartburn could be as a result of stress, eating large amounts of food at a time or drinking an alcohol beverage. To stop this all you need to do is to relax more, eat and drink less. However, if your heartburn persists then it could be as a result of ovarian, stomach or even esophageal cancer.

Unexplained Fatigue

If you have gotten proper rest from your stressful job and you still feel tired, then it is best that you consult your doctor as unexplained fatigue is a symptom of cancer.

Menstrual Flow That Is Very Heavy Or Unexplained Bleeding Between Your Menstrual Periods

If you have heavy bleeding during your monthly menstrual period or maybe you tend to bleed between menstrual periods then it is a sign that you may have endometrial or even uterine cancer.

Changes In Your Mouth

If you notice white spots on the inside of your mouth or even on the inside of your lips therefore it could be a symptom of oral cancer, you need to see you doctor immediately.

Severe Pain In Your Back

Where you have pain in your back that just doesn’t go away after adequate treatment, it could be a sign of bone, breast, brain and even liver cancer.

Severe Abdominal Pain Causing Depression

A severe abdominal pain that leads to depression is a sign of pancreatic cancer. You should consult your doctor immediately if you have this symptom.

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