13 Things That Happen To You When You Start Eating Ginger Every Day

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If you haven’t been adding ginger to your diet, you should really start, because there are some great health benefits that come with it.

Ginger is a known plant which firstly was found in China, but today it has spread worldwide. The root of the ginger is often used as a spice.

Ginger has the added bonus that it also tastes delicious and can be used so many different ways in meals. It is a spice that is used globally in meals, desserts and even beverages.

This herb has a lot of healthy benefits for our body. We present you some of them:

Fights cancer cells

Ginger has the ability to destroy ovarian cancer cells, moreover with higher and safer speed compared to the drugs for chemotherapy which are platinum-based and are often given to ovarian cancer patients.

The consumption of ginger rhizomes can lower the levels of colon and intestine inflammation, thus reducing the colon cancer risk.

Reduces inflammation

Ginger is very beneficial for treating health conditions related to cell inflammation thanks to the compound it consists, known as gingerols.

It can relieve the pain and muscle swelling at patients with arthritis and muscular pains. Also is beneficial for those experiencing obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimers, which are caused by cell inflammation.

Stops acid reflux

A study presented by the journal, Molecular Research and Food Nutrition, demonstrated that the ginger compounds worked six times better compared to the acid blocker drugs. The drug will destroy the stomach acid barrier, but will increase the risk of getting ulcers or stomach cancer.

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