12 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Eggs

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Eggs are very healthy food and you should eat eggs on a regular basis.

Eggs are rich in proteins. They are not expensive, and easy obtainable and very versatile food. They are also abundant in antioxidants, iron and amino acids. And what’s more important is that eggs have a solid 7 grams of the muscle builder in 85 calorie egg’s packs, and because of this, they can improve your health.

It is recommended to consume the whole egg, because the yolk is rich with choline – nutrient that fights fat. And with its help you can lose extra weight.

But be careful when you buy eggs, and remember to always buy organic eggs. The organic eggs’ quality is regulated by the USDA and they do not have hormones, vaccines and antibiotics.

And the color of the eggs is not that important, because as Molly Morgan, RD – a board-certified sports specialist dietician, says that the nutritional value of the eggs is the same and the color is different according to different types of chicken.

So you should definitely consume eggs on a regular basis because they are highly healthy food.

Here is a list of 12 most important health benefits of eggs:

1. Improve your cholesterol profile

We are all aware of the fact that high cholesterol can be really bad for the health, and we can distinguish two different kinds of cholesterol – good and bad, and large amounts of cholesterol are contained in eggs.

However, what actually concerns doctors is the ratio of ‘bad’ cholesterol – LDL, and the ‘good’ cholesterol – HDL. A big egg contains 212 milligrams of cholesterol. And this does not mean that it increases the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood. And in fact our body is producing cholesterol all the time.

Besides, many studies have proven that the eggs can actually ameliorate the cholesterol profile, because it enlarges the size of the LDL particles and also raises the levels of the ‘good’ cholesterol – the HDL.

2. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

The LDL is considered to be ‘bad’ cholesterol, because its particles actually transmit the fat molecules in the walls of the arteries, and cause atherosclerosis, and interrupting and disturbing the arteries.

On the other hand, the ‘good’ cholesterol –HDL’s particles get rid of the fat molecules on the walls of the arteries. And the particles of the LDL can be different in size, and there are a few types of LDL particles.

Experts have proven that the bigger size of the particles is even better, and people who have mainly small and dense LDL particles have increased risk of cardiovascular problems as opposed to those who have mainly bigger size particles.

And also, experts have discovered that eggs can help increase the size of LDL particles, even though they increase the level of LDL, this can lead to lower risk of heart problems.

3. Eggs can improve the health of bones and teeth

Eggs are rich with natural sources of vitamin D, and due to this they can strengthen the bones, and can improve the health of the bones and teeth. They also promote calcium absorption and this is very beneficial for the proper function of the metabolism, colon and heart.

4. Improve the health of the eyes

The egg yolk contains zeahanthin and lutein, which are two antioxidants that are beneficial the eye health and also protect the eyes.

The two antioxidants have the ability to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration – which are actually the leading factors for vision impairment and blindness in elderly people.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study which showed that the people who ate 1.3 yolks every day for thirty days had an increase by 114 -142% in the blood levels of zeahanthin and 28-50% in lutein levels.

5. You’ll Feel Fuller And Eat Less

Eggs are very rich with quality protein, that they are used as measuring comparison with other sources of protein. Numerous studies have showed that food rich with protein has a positive effect on appetite. And according to the Satiety Index, eggs are listed as the top food that gives the highest feeling of fullness of all food.

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