10 Clever Ways To Naturally Humidify The Air In Your Home

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As the weather cools down, our natural response is to crank up the thermostat to keep our homes nice and warm. Unfortunately, turning on the heat is also a surefire way to completely dry out the air in your home. While most of us have simply learned to live with the uncomfortable side effects of this arid wintertime environment; static electricity, dry skin and frizzy hair are annoyances which most of us would rather live without.

Be prepared this winter with these ten clever ways to naturally humidify the air in your home so you and your family can enjoy the warmth without all of that annoying, unpleasant dryness.

1. Bundle Up and Turn Down the Heat

Your home’s central heating system is one of the biggest causes of all that dry air. If you can, turn the thermostat down (or off) and put on an extra layer (or two) of clothing. Then pick up some more great ideas on how to stay warm without whacking the thermostat up with these 27 clever tips.

2. Find and Seal Up Leaks

Whether you choose to run the heat pump or not, air leaks around doors and windows, as well as some other less-obvious locations can rob your home of both warmth and humidity. Once you’ve found the leaks, use these techniques to seal them up and create a more comfortable atmosphere for yourself and your family.

3. Give Your Clothes Dryer a Holiday

Just like a central heating system, your clothes dryer robs the surrounding air of moisture. If you want to increase the humidity in your home, give your dryer an holiday. Instead, put up a few clothes lines around the house and hang wet garments where they can air dry. Your clothes will add humidity to the air as they dry and also save energy in the process.

Just make sure to run your clothes lines in locations with enough air flow to dry damp garments in a timely fashion and prevent the growth of mold or other microbes on wet fabric.

4. Put Away the Hair Dryer

Just like your clothes dryer but on a smaller scale, small appliances like hair dryers which use heated air to perform a task will dehydrate their surroundings while they’re running. Unplug the hair dryer and set it aside for the winter. As the humidity returns inside your home, your hair will retain moisture better and (hopefully) become more manageable as well.

Furthermore, just like hanging up your damp laundry, allowing your hair to dry naturally will add a small amount of moisture back into the surrounding air as well.

5. Leave Water Simmering

One of the best ways to increase humidity inside your home is to leave a large pot of water simmering on the stove top. You can also spice things up a bit (pun intended) by adding cloves, cinnamon and other herbs to the water. The resulting steam will fill the air not only with much-need moisture, but also with the scents of your chosen spices!

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